International Women’s Day feels like a really powerful way not only to raise awareness of women’s lives and challenges worldwide, to talk about gender parity, and also – let’s not forget this one- to celebrate our achievements and potential.

At barefaced + bee we'd like to celebrate a fantastic social enterprise we came across, which trains and supports new beekeepers in rural communities in India. Let’s hear it for Under the Mango Tree! A pilot project last year focused on introducing women to the craft ofbeekeeping, establishing female Master Trainers, who then go on to train and give bee support to other women in their communities. – empowering them with a skill that will bring multiple benefits.

Adding bee boxes to their small farms has seen great benefits to the community and ecosystem as a whole – increased pollination also increased crop production dramatically – often doubling previous harvests. The quality of crops has also improved, which means more can be sold, and there’s been a reduction in the use of pesticides.

Challenging what has been often been seen in India as a male occupation, the women gained skills, confidence and independence, and were able to increase their income, so were better able to support themselves and their families. Really inspiring stuff.

Let’s help support Under the Mango Tree’s training – we're donating a hefty £5 from each and every product sold on International Women’s Day, the 8th March, direct to the organization.

So if you’re looking for a feel-good skin treat AND would like to support a great social enterprise, you can shop here, and we'll send your donation:

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