We’re finally getting our limbs out here at barefaced + bee, so we’ve been ramping up the pre-summer prep. Exfoliation helps shift all the dead surface skin cells, and can make a huge difference to the look and feel of rough, uneven skin tone. If you’re planning to go the fake tan route, prepping skin before gives much better results, and should prolong the life of your lovely new colour.

Which method then? Simplest of all is to really go to town with a scrubby flannel or loofah. If you prefer an off the shelf exfoliant, it's best to take a really good look at the ingredients –  it may well be billed as ‘gentle scrub’ but still be anything but gentle on the environment - all that scrubby action often comes from micro beads, which are unbiodegradeable plastic, and a serious menace to the rivers, oceans + all that live in them. The USA has just passed a bill to phase microbead products out over the next couple of years, but this hasn’t yet been adopted either in the UK or Europe – let’s hope it happens soon. In the meantime, you can read the background and sign the petition here:

Back to those off the shelf options, a sugar or salt based scrub is fully biodegradeable. Our own ‘buff stuff’ for example is deliciously vanilla and tonka extract scented,100% natural, and packed with skin-boosting butters, oils (babassu, mango, apricot) and honey, which will leave your skin not only super smooth, but also moisturised and soothed. Result.

To help you on your way to summer-ready, fantastically smooth skin, we’ll pop a totally free Super Shea soap in too, for anyone ordering ‘Buff Stuff’ in May. You’re welcome!


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