Seasonal shopping ....

It’s so nearly December, so I thought I could totally justify a Christmas post. I hope you love the super cute christmas shopping illustration– thank you to our lovely in-house illustrator - you know who you are!

I came across this 'news' story from one of our leading department stores (with greater resources than BFB’s) who engaged a professor of psychology to give guidance on how to gift successfully at Christmas – and here’s what they came up with:

(L x 2) + O + E2 - PD + EM = PP (L = listening, O = observation, E= effort, PD= personal desire, EM= empathy, PP= Perfect Present).

The maths-y presentation makes it appear way more challenging than it is, but essentially they’re telling us it's about lots of listening to any clues being dropped, put in plenty of research, and try not to buy something you’d really like yourself (I’m so guilty of that one!)

So good luck out there if you’re heading out of the digital shopping domain – and try to enjoy it!

We've tried to do our bit to make things gift-tastic here at BFB, with lots of lovely new gift boxes, and other sets presented n our fantastic ‘hey, sweet thing’ washbag. These all arrive with illustrated postcards in our unique house style, all ready for you to add your own message – or add this in the message box at checkout and we'll write it for you - great if you would like us to send gifts direct to the recipient. And to spread even more Christmas cheer, we’re also offering free gift wrapping during December. Enjoy!

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