+ honey

We use honey from our own bees, who work a great range of flower + tree sources from across the parks, gardens & wild spaces of our city.

+ mango butter

Extracted from the hulls of the stones, rather than the fruit’s flesh, soft + slightly sweet butter, great for cell regeneration and high emolliency.

+ coconut oil

We use coconut oil alongside shea + olive in our cold process soaps. It’s high in both lauric + ferulic acid, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and can help repair uv damage. In the soaps, it produces a hard, high lather bar.

+ beeswax

Acts as the ultimate skin protector + barrier – all those honey benefits super concentrated.


+ shea butter

Great occlusive ingredient (stops water leaving your skin), due to the high levels of stearic + oleic acids, both of which improve moisture retention. Can promote cell repair + anti-inflammatory action. Ours is unrefined for maximum benefits + retains a little of the fab nutty smell.

+ macadamia nut oil

High in oleic acid for softening + anti-inflammatory action. Good source of squalene + palmetolic acid for regeneration.

+ apricot kernel oil

Light oil, with great moisturising + softening properties. It’s high in oleic acid which is great for anti-inflammatory support.

+ vanilla extract

Combined with delicious, smoky tonka bean this extract is used in Buff Stuff and Smooth Groove. Smells amazing - warm, rich, relaxing + happy-making. Vanillin is also rich in anti-oxidants and contains polyphenols which are reputed to be anti-inflammatory.