As well as making products that are great for your skin, here’s how we work in a positive way: 




We only use fairly traded oils, which are organic or wild crafted where possible. Our beekeeping practices are as natural as possible - we harvest only surplus honey, and use beeswax and propolis which are the by-products of hive maintenance. All our products are fully biodegradeable.


Our super luxe packaging is beautiful black glass, which protects the contents from UV light + heat, keepingthe contents fresher for longer. There's no plastic, and it's all re-usable or fully recyclable once the loveliness inside is gone...


We make products by hand in the UK in small batches with minimal heat + processing, so the active botanicals are as close to their natural state as possible. We use no fillers or water, just 100% skin friendly oils, botanicals + honey.


No products are ever tested on any animal, just happy willing people.