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barefaced. barefoot. real.

natural + organic skincare from plant oils, active botanicals - and our own raw honey.

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real skincare.


Hello! It's great to see you here - come and take a look around!

Our skincare products are simple, effective + luxe - inspired by and containing raw honey from our own beehives. They'll help you if your skin is super sensitive, or you'd like to take your skincare synthetic-free.

"barefaced bee's 'glow, baby' is rather lovely, good-oil super-charged with jojoba, shea and macadamia, and it's a fab multi-tasker for lips, cuticles, nails, hands and face" Fiona Klonarides, The Beauty Shortlist

We use the most skin-friendly plant oils + botanicals, packed with all the anti-oxidants, vitamins + nutrients your skin needs for health and vitality - and none of the synthetics it doesn't.

You can feel good about what you're using on your skin AND how it looks + feels. It's superfood for skin.


plant power + raw honey = amazing skin.

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